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I AM Source Essentials

Who on Earth are
Signy & KY?

Signy is our essential oil specialist and created the unique blends for every roller. Kaiyann is our designer and created the labels as light code translations of the intentions they expressed and manifested together for each one.
Kaiyann - Co-creator of Cosmique Oil


Kaiyann is active in various creative expressions with the focus on remembering who you are in essence and discovering your authentic expression.

She supports everyone who resonates with this intention by organizing events such as Live Light Language Playshops, Online Light Language Webinars, Live meditation evenings and online group meditations.

She also works with clients during one-on-one sessions, Live or in the form of personal video recordings, which are also enlightening and healing as you clear misaligned blocks and programmings and realign with your True Being.

In 2017 Kaiyann published her book and audiobook “The Purifying Room”, It’s a story about activating and remembering your own self-healing abilities. She is highly visual and loves creativity, and translating multidimensional energy into forms that we, as humans, can integrate in a clear way. “Time is Now … Lets Create with Love” CosmiqueFocus.net.

Signy - Co-creator of Cosmique Oil


Through her own experiences and experiences of her customers, Signy has discovered that the use of Essential Oils is a powerful support in leading a naturally healthy and vital life. She has grown to become passionate about to specializing more in essential oils to advise and guide people in improving their overall well-being in all areas of life. Signy has her degrees for NEI therapist, Ohm puncture and basic medical subjects. She has also followed Raindrop therapy for horses. Now she combines the essential oils in all her treatments. Signy also gives super fun “Make & Take evenings” where you can explore the oils in a fun and accessible way. “Love is the Essence, the Essence is Love” www.oilwithlove.nl