Universal Vision

Cosmique Oil Love

How It All Began

This is the amazing story of how I AM Source Essentials came to life, a story of two friends who both shared the same passion for a Source-infused life, Essential Oils, and spreading Love!

This just so happened to be the recipe for a wonderful co-creation. Signy started to specialize more in the natural healing and harmonizing abilities of essential oils after her own direct experiences concerning her health and well-being, and decided to guide others who wanted to add the magic of these oils to their process of healing and transformation. Kaiyann had an interest in essential oils since childhood when her mother and aunty Annemieke introduced her to the world of aromatherapy, reflexology, natural healing remedies and meditation. When she met Signy it was a dream come true, to have a friend who had all the essential oils you could think of, made her own blends, and knew exactly what you needed for any issue you could name. Receiving these packages of essential oils rollers was always a joyful happening.

One day Kaiyann wanted to give Eduard a set of oil blends for his birthday and wanted each roller to hold an intention that would magnify the purpose of the essence. She asked Signy if she had any labels for the rollers. Signy then sent her the package of oil rollers and the blank labels, saying she could go wild with her creativity and make her own labels as she wished them to be.

That’s exactly what Ky did, and she showed Signy her creation of labels with Light Code writings on them. They got a bit smudged, but it looked pretty cool. That’s when Signy said, “Hey, imagine if we made a series of rollers with our own labels with light codes on them?”

Yes indeed… just imagine.

The next thing they knew they were sitting together at a table in Signy’s home, full with bottles of essential oils, all grouped together as Signy had selected which ones would work well together. Ky had brought her paper and pens with her and after doing a connection together to set their own intent for their new project, they just dived into it.

Signy gave the bunch of oils to Ky, they inhaled the combination of essences, Signy began to speak of the intentions, purpose and functions of the blends, while Kaiyann immediately began to draw and translated the energy being expressed into Light Codes. These drawings would become the labels for the new product line. As they continued expressing the energies and drawing, the name of the series and the names of each oil blend came to life, and “I AM Source Essentials” was born.

The drawings they used are the original hand drawn Light Codes as they were created at that moment. Nothing was added, taken away or improved. It all happened effortlessly and in divine flow. Each drawing vibrates with the energy that it was consciously created with and is directly connected to the information field that came into existence as it was being created. You can tap into this field with your focus and intent when you hold or look at the original drawing. However, when it comes to making the labels, which of course end up being much smaller than the original drawing, they would have to use a copy of the original, and also edit it in an app with background color and text. Even though the label looked lovely, the energy seemed a bit flat after being edited and then printed.

Lucky for Signy and Ky, the owners of Divine Tools, were willing to share their unique technology with them. They could of course just keep their technology for themselves and be the only ones making energized encoded products, but they are offering it to others too which is really awesome. Of course, when we create with our consciousness and with our hearts the energy of the intent is there, but seeing as though you can’t make originals every single time, you need to go into the copying process. During that process, a lot of energy is lost. However, Divine Tools has the ability to use scalar wave technology to capture the frequency patterns of the energy of your own intent, and amplify that pattern billions of times, making it stronger and more stable. Kaiyann didn’t understand this technology at all, until she experienced it for herself when she tuned into the energies of different images Divine Tools had sent to her, and she could clearly feel the difference in the energies, even the mass of information in each image file and the effect on the physical and energetic body. Signy and Ky decided to trust this process, knowing it would make their product exceptionally unique, and not just pretty and lovely to look at and hold, but have real live intents that really work with you as you apply them in daily life.

Kaiyann recorded the intentions of each oil blend with her own voice, consciousness and focused intent, while visualizing the Light Codes, and sent this to Divine Tools. They purely took those intents and using their advanced technology method, amplified the frequency patterns and infused them into the final image files, hereby creating energized encoded images, where the pixels are vibrating with the energies. The difference between the first labels and the energized ones could be clearly felt, and they were ready to finally print the new labels! This means that the energies of the intents for each roller, that co-creates with your conscious intent, is stable and vibrating powerfully all the time. It fulfills it’s purpose when you use the oils on your body, and even when you hold the roller, keep it in your pocket or bag, or place it anywhere in your house or working space.

This has been a wonderful adventure so far for Signy and Kaiyann, and they will continue their journey of spreading Love with much joy and fun.

This is just the beginning….