Universal Vision

I AM Source Essentials

What make this
oils special?

Signy is our essential oil specialist and created the unique blends for every roller. Kaiyann is our designer and created the labels as light code translations of the intentions they expressed and manifested together for each one.

I AM Divine Love

Letting go of ideas and associations with Love, the word Love, experiences of Love. 
Opening up to new experiences and levels of what Love truly is.
 Being Home in the heart of your True Being. Being Home in your very own core, where you experience that Love is the essence, and your Essence is Love.
 To experience your own authentic frequency of Love, your Love Formula. Opening up to the Love that you truly are.

The experience of smell is very personal, but just to give you an idea, we have expressed our own scent experiences for you.

Signy Description:
Fresh, lightly spicy, sweet flower.

Kaiyann Description:
The first smell that grabs my attention is the Ylang Ylang, it is a sweet smell, but not overpowering, just passionately sweet. I see an image of a colorful tropical flower. The smell feels warm and comforting, like an embrace. It also reminds me of being in a Spa, and feels like a Spa for my soul, like each breath is a wellness treatment. It is a smell that powerfully holds a sense of self-love and self-care.

You can apply these oils wherever your intuition and guidance leads you to.

Here are just some suggestions, so you can feel for yourself with each oil blend where the best place is each time. Remember though, don’t limit yourself and stay open for different ideas.

– Places on your body you feel are in need of healing, loving energy or tension release

– The center of the soles of your feet

– Underneath your big toe (and other reflexology points)

– Behind your knees (lymph nodes area)

– The base of your spine

– Just below your navel

– Around your solar plexus

– On your Heart center area

– At the base of your throat (below Adam’s apple)

– Your Wrists

– On your temples

– On the middle of your forehead

– Behind your ears (lymph nodes area)

– The back of your neck, base, center

(Almond – sesame – olive oil)
Roman Chamomile
Ylang Ylang